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[[File:Email-rouncube-interface.png|400px|Roundcube interface]]
[[File:Email-rouncube-interface.png|400px|Roundcube interface]]
[[File:Email-squirrelmail-interface.png|400px|SquirrelMail interface]]

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AAISP provide 2 webmail clients:

  • RoundCube
  • SquirrelMail

Roundcube is a more 'modern' client, where as SquirrelMail is simpler and more lightweight.

You can use either of them.

To access go to https://mail.yourdomain.co.uk

For example, if your domain is testing.me.uk, then the URL would be https://mail.testing.me.uk

Login page:

Webmail Login Page

You can use either, simply use your email address and password to login.

Log out afterwards You should always logout after using webmail so as to make sure that nobody else using the same computer will be able to access your email.


As of October 2012, the Rouncube interface looks like this:

Roundcube interface


SquirrelMail interface