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There are a number of reasons for a connection to be permanently down


Is the phone line Ok?

Plug a phone in to the phone line and check there is dial tone, try a quiet line test.


Have you got sync?

If the DSL light on your router is off or flashing then this means the router is not in sync with the exchange. If you have sync then go to the next step.


Has the router logged in?

If the router/modem is in sync, then the next step would be to check why the router is not logging in. If you have logged in then go to the next step.


Are you plugged directly in to the router?

If you are on wifi, or are connecting via a cable but through other network equipment, then try plugging a computer directly in to the router. If you still have no internet connection then go to the next step.


Have you got any connectivity?

If the router has logged in but you still have no connection then it may be a local configuration problem. From your computer, can you ping the the router's IP address? Can you ping the AAISP end ( Can you ping the hostname: ?

Our CQM monitoring will show a line as purple when it is not logged in to us.

Purple is offline this line came back online just before 1pm

If you still have problems, then please do contact Support.


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