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Mobile and DSL L2TP Handover: Overview

Our "data-only" SIMs allow for the possibility of L2TP hand over to your own LNS. (Note: our SIP2SIM SIMs don't have this ability - sorry)

Less common, but still possible, is relaying a DSL circuit to your own LNS, eg, an ADSL, VDSL, FTTP etc circuit.

This means that the data SIM (or DSL line) connects directly in to your network, and you control the IP address allocation, routing and any fire-walling or filtering as you wish.

The settings for a SIM can be set on the control pages. For DSL connections the L2TP settings are set by staff, so please do contact them for any changes or setup. The information that would be requested is:

  • Target IP (with an optional backup IP) - the L2TP server at your side
  • Host - the hostname we present
  • Secret - the password we use (optional)

SIM Configuration

Click to Access the Control Pages

Accessing This Feature

Access is via the Control Pages as follows:

  1. Log in to the Control Pages with your xxx@a login
  2. Click on the SIM ICCID you want to edit
  3. Fill in the L2TP relay information there

You can enter the IP address of your LNS (and an alternative if you like), and a shared secret if you want to do tunnel authentication.

L2TP relay settings on the Control Pages

DSL Configuration

  • Wholesalers will usually already have their configuration set to relay based on their realm.
  • For individual circuits please contact staff to set up relaying on to your own L2TP server.

Technical Pages

For more technical information, please see:

Device Configuration

See the pages below for example configurations of L2TP servers.

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