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We use L2TP for various things! For example:

  • AAISP Data SIMs can be relayed on to your L2TP server
  • AAISP DSL lines can be relayed on to your L2TP server
  • You can connect in to AAISP over an L2TP tunnel from a non-AAISP internet connection, either as a failover from your DSL line or for permanent internet access.

Our own FireBrick router can be used as an LNS or L2TP client - from single sites up to full gigabit LNS capabilities for ISPs.


Incoming L2TP

Used to connect in to AAISP over a third-party internet connection. This provides your usual AAISP IP blocks and access to the internet.


L2TP Handover/Relay

Relay a data connection from a mobile SIM or a DSL line to your own L2TP server. This enables you to manage the IP addressing, connectivity yourself.


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