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AAISP provide their customers with many tools to help diagnose a problem with their network or connection, find out more here.


CQM Graphs

Our graphs provide a wealth of information to help diagnose a broadband fault - we have lots of examples and explanation of the data they provide


Line Tests

We make available various line tests to our customers, you can run things like a sync status, copper line test and other tests from the Control Pages. Find out more.


General Checks

These are the basic checks that Support tend to ask customers when there is a potential fault.


Traffic Capture

You can perform a 'tcpdump' of the the traffic on your line, and view or download the data for further investigation.


Line Settings

Most of our lines have tweaks that can be applied to them, such as Interleaving, DLM or profile options, MTU adjustments etc. These are explained here


AAISP Monitoring Pages

AAISP have a number of systems which automatically monitor the network and allow customer to view information, these are useful to see if there are any general issues.


Ping and Traceroute

You can ping or traceroute to a host over an AAISP ADSL line as well as a few other ISPs for comparison


Open DNS Checker

AAISP automatically check customers for Open DNS servers that could be vulnerable to amplification attacks, you can also run these tests manually from the Control Pages


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