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If you have ''''El Capitan'''' then the built in VPN connection settings should just word. You will still need to install the Certificate as above, but you can skip the StrongSwan parts below and just use the Network Settings to add a VPN IKEv2 connection.
==Create the VPN Connection:==
#Go to Apple Menu - System Preferences
#Go to Network
#*VPN Type: IKEv2
#*Service Name: eg 'FireBrick' or 'Office'
#On the next window fill in the information.:
#*Server Address: Hostname or IP of your FireBrick. eg: server.example.com
#*Remote ID: The 'FQDN' of the Firebrick as created when you created the Certificate (Usually the full hostname of the FireBrick). eg: server.example.com
#*Local ID - leave empty
#In the Authentication Settings:
#*Username: your EAP Username as set on the FireBrick, eg fred
#*Password: your EAP Password as set on the FireBrick
#May as well tick 'Show VPN status in menu bar' as you'll then be able to connect etc from the menu in your top bar
=OSX version 10.10,'Yosemite' and below=

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