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(Added IPv6 config for SRX110 using internal VDSL2/ADSL-POTS modem)
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7. Finally, if you want to be able to ping hosts on your internal network, then see the '''ping6-to-trust''' policy in the example config below.
Note that the first time you enable IPv6 based routing (the '''security forwarding-options'''), you will have to reboot the router.
== Dual-stack Example Config ==
* Pinging (ICMPv6) from untrusted to trusted hosts is enabled
## Last changed: 2015-03-29 17:42:36 BST
version 12.1X46-D30.2;
== Native IPv6 dual stack SRX110H-VA configuration ==
* WAN address for IPv4 is auto-negotiated
* IPv4 does not include NAT configuration which in this example will be required for WAN connectivity
interfaces {
fe-0/0/0 {
To check DHCPv6 binding from operational mode run the command
Client Interface: pp0.0
Hardware Address: 54:e0:32:d2:39:20
Name: dns-recursive-server, Value: 2001:8b0::2020,2001:8b0::2021
== Higher MTU values ==


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