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Added section about fulll bonding with pfSense 2.0.1+
(Added section about fulll bonding with pfSense 2.0.1+)
==Full Bonding with a FireBrick==
A FireBrick at your side can manage bonding, fallback and firewalling - this would give you maximum benefit of having multiple lines. AAISP staff can configure a router when purchased for bonding for a nominal fee. The [[FireBrick]] pages also covers config examples for bonding on the 2500 and 2700 FireBricks
==Full bonding with pfSense==
If you can't afford to buy a FireBrick, you might try [http://pfsense.org pfSense] as a free alternative. From version 2.0.1, it's possible to configure pfSense for policy-based routing and fallback over multiple WAN connections. One AAISP customer runs this with two AAISP ADSL lines, switching to an AAISP SIM card if both lines fail - see his [http://blog.martinshouse.com/2012/01/multi-wan-multi-lan-no-nat-routing-with.html blog entry] for details. However, pfSense does not yet have IPV6 support, and (as of 2.0.1) the recovery from fallback might not always work perfectly.
=Mixing BT and BE lines=


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