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CQM Graphs

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The FireBrick 6000 routers we use provide us with Continuous Quality Monitoring of every broadband circuit. This allows us to track the quality of each and every connection in great detail. The router itself produces the graphs in real time, and can also provide csv files with accurate data for each graph.
(Not an ADSL Fault.) The example above show a line with occasional short uploads causing spikes in peak latency, and then a sustained upload starting at around 6pm and causing high latency (queue in the router). At 8pm there was more upload filling the link causing higher latency still and some loss (normal when the link is full). This is normal. Also see: [[Packet Loss]]
Here is another, an FTTC line filling the up link whilst doing a backup (10Mb10Mbit/s)
[[File:CQM-FTTC-upload.png|none|frame|Lots of upload in the morning - a backup without any traffic shaping on the client end]]
|Going off line is shown in purple, and this is often associated with packet loss (red). Where a line has occasional drops they are shown as purple lines. However, in some case a line can deteriorate over a period of time, staying on line less and less until solid purple (off line). On the live graphs a line that is currently off line has a red square in the bottom right corner where as a line that is on-line has a green square.

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