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Bridge Setup
m (Bridge Setup)
The latest firmware can be downloaded from:
[http://www.billion.uk.com/esupport/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/400/119/latest-bipac-8800nl-r2-firmware-252d1 Bipac 8800NL R2 Firmware 2.52.d1]
==Bridge Setup==
*Configuration -> WAN -> Interface Grouping
**Edit ptm0.1
**Type: Bridging
**Description: br_0_1_0.101
**802.1P Priority: 0
**802.1Q VLAN ID: 101
**Click Apply
*Configuration -> LAN -> Interface Grouping
**Groups Isolation: Enable
**Click Apply
**Click Add
**Group Name: Bridge
**Grouped WAN Interfaces: ptm0.1
**Grouped LAN Interfaces: P5/EWAN
**Click Apply
*Configuration -> Wireless
**Wireless: Disable
**Click Apply
==WiFi Client Limit of 16==

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