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B10D Own Configuration

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#When the 'Send Configuration' buttons on the Control Pages are used
This configuration is done via an industry standard called [ TR-061]. In short, TR-069 is a way to manage the configuration, firmware and status of remove devices such as broadband routers, IP phones, TV Boxes and many other such devices.
Our implementation of TR-069 is quite simple but meets our needs. We are able to send configuration settings, software and request router reboots. We also provide our customers these controls too via the Control Pages.
The settings we provide via the Control Pages such as WiFi name and password, router admin password, DHCP settings and so on are enough for most customers. However the B10D does have other settings that customers may like to change. We're happy for customers to do this, and if you run into problems it is easy to reset it back to our standard configuration and you can start again if you wanted to.

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