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(Initial entry (WIP))
'''This is a WIP'''
= pfSense with IPv4 and IPv6 =
I recently persuaded [http://www.pfsense.org/ pfSense] running on an ALIX based system with a Draytek Vigor 140 ADSL modem to connect up with IPv4 and IPv6 to AAISP. Here are some notes on how.
A very good alternative is an old PC. Either put several network cards in it or get a switch such as a Netgear 108 and learn about 802.1Q VLANs to make one NIC into several.
'''You need at least two interfaces, one of LAN and one for WAN'''
= Software =
At the time of writing (20 May 2012) you need a development snapshot from the 2.1 series.
= Addressing =
For IPv6, AAISP supply you with a /48 prefix from which you can create multiple /64 subnets for your use. There are over 65,000 /64 subnets in a /48 each with more addresses than you can eat! Click on the green "add /64" button on your control page to create them.
For IPv4, note down the additional subnet range that you should have been assigned.
= Configuration =
First off, get IPv4 sorted out. Follow one of the many guides out there.


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