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=== IPv6 ===
* Set the IPv6 configuration type on your PPPoE interface to DHCPv6
* Set the IPv6 on LAN to <your /64 range>::1 (it doesn't have to be 1) and the mask to 64. eg 2001:8b0:fc5c:6a01::1.
* Services -> DHCPv6 Server. Set the top drop down to Unmanaged and save.
Have a look at the addresses on your PC ("ip a"/"ifconfig"/"ipconfig /all") and you should find that you now have a global IPv6 address assigned. It will start with the /64 prefix from above.
If you have additional interfaces then simply add another /64 on your AAISP control page and then set the IPv6 address to <another one of your /64s>::1. Then set the DHCPv6 server to Unmanaged.
Unmanaged really means use "radvd" ie auto addressing based on subnet and MAC address. There are several other options and these are described nicely on the page but unmanaged gets you up and running quickly.
Add some IPv6 rules - eg on the LAN interface: "allow from LAN subnet to any".
Test with something like "ping6 -n www.google.com" (adjust for OS)
Check http://test-ipv6.com/ for a full dual stack test.
= Notes =


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