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For VDSL, create a shim interface with the appropriate VLAN
m (Originally wrote the page for ADSL, update to make ready for VDSL too)
(For VDSL, create a shim interface with the appropriate VLAN)
=For VDSL, create an interface with the appropriate VLAN=
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BT's VDSL runs over a VLAN (101), and the Openreach modem (now discontinued)
and other modems expose the VLAN over the PPPoE link. So a 'shim' interface
is needed on the router to cope with the vlan.
:eth add vlan name=FTTx vid=101
:eth bridge vlan ifadd name=FTTx intf=virt untagged=disabled
:eth ifadd intf=eth_PPP
:eth ifconfig intf=eth_PPP dest=eth_WAN vlan=FTTx
:eth ifattach intf eth_PPP
=Switch PPP over to use this new interface=


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