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FireBrick L2TP Server

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A FireBrick can be easily configured to act as an LNS (L2TP Network Server) - you can then terminate direct L2TP connections on it from remove devices, or relay data SIMs or DSL circuits on to it (where the ISP support s L2TP relay - we do on the A&A Data SIMs and DSL services) This means, you can have remote 3G/4G Data SIMs or DSL circuits terminated directly on to your LAN or a VLAN on your internal network.
*A 'Fully Loaded' FireBrick is required for [[L2TP]] features
*AAISP Data SIMS can be relayed on to your own [[L2TP]] Server, such as a FireBrick. This will enable a remote SIM to be connected directly to your LAN and have an IP on your LAN, very similar to a VPN.

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