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VoIP Phones - SNOM 3xx

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This is useful if you have lost the admin password or have lost the PIN etc., and this is much easier than the alternative way using TFTP to reset the phone.
==Problems setting the time==
Setting the time can be a bit tricky. The Snom will overwrite the NTP server with any 'time' option set in DHCP. For example, the FireBrick [by default] will set its own IP as the 'time' over DHCP. This will result in a situation where rebooting the Snom will cause it to overwrite the NTP server with the IP of the FireBrick!
You will need to specify this value manually in the FireBrick. Interestingly, it ignores the 'ntp' option.
If your DHCP server does not have the time option set, then you should have no problems setting the time manually in the Snoms web interface. You will also need to ensure that the DNS servers are set correctly if you are specifying a hostname for NTP.
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