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[[File:Topup50GB.png|none|frame|Top up button]]
If the top up Action is set to Slow or Block, then when you have less than 50GB remaining a Top up button will be shown on the Control Page. Clicking this will add 50GB and will invoice for it. From September 6th6, 2017 top-up on Home::1 and SoHo::1 does not expire. It continues until you have used it all.
The top up is paid for by a separate Direct Debit and lasts to the end of the following month, or until used up.
The Home::1 tariff is usually for a single line, but we do allow multiple lines on a Home::1 tariff which means that traffic can be bonded to increase the throughput (speed) and resilience.
*Multiple lines on Home::1 lines need to be on the same login (ege.g. example@a)
*They will all be given a different line number (ege.g. example@a.1, example@a.2 etc.).
*Each line needs its own Quota, these can be different amounts. (Previously we had allowed a line to have zero quote, but this has changed)
*Automatic quota balancing will ensure that the total quota is automatically shared as needed

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