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* '''noauth''' - don't require A&A to send authentication details
* '''persist''' - automatically reconnect if the connection drops
* '''maxfail 0''' - sets the the number of consecutive failed connection attempts before pppd gives up. Setting this to 0 means that pppd will retry forever
* '''mtu 1492''' - sets the max MTU for packets inside the PPP connection - 1492 is a "safe" value for PPPoE on most hardware. Some modems will be able to use "baby jumbo frames" (RFC 4638). See the "Using a full 1500 MTU" section for more details.
* '''noaccomp''' - disables address/control compression
* '''default-asyncmap''' - disables the negotationnegotiation of an asyncmap - forces all control characters to be escaped
* '''+ipv6''' - enable IPv6 support
* '''ipv6cp-use-ipaddr''' - use your IPv4 address as the local identifier for IPv6CP


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