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==No Filtering Web Pages==
We support the IWFsIWF’s efforts to take down websites at source.
There isare lots of software and hardware solutions available for people to filter their web browsing from their side of the network - e.g. hardware firewalls or proxies with content filters, or software installed on individual computers, or even using third-party services. Below are some suggestions. (These are only linked for your information, we cannot endorse these products/services, and cannot vouch for their quality or effectiveness)
Here are some suggestions for filtering web pages on your own network (this isn't a comprehensive list):
*[http://dansguardian.org/ Dans Guardian] is a content filter server which you'd install and maintain on your own network
There are other commercial solutions, e.g. from Symantec, Barracuda, Microsoft and many more etc., your browser or operating system may already have some level of filtering available. Still be careful when using filtering systems, as there is probably not 1one that can 100% guarantee its effectiveness.
==General Internet Safety==


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