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VoIP - Calling With a SIP URI

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Softphones: Voipfone Softphone on Android doesn't make SIP URI calls to numeric usernames - it calls the number directly.
* Linphone 4.0.1 (Android)
* Twinkle (Linux) - although currently (Dec 2018) there's a problem with SRV records when using systemd-resolved (on Ubuntu and Debian at least)
* Voipfone Softphone (Android) deserves a mention. It needs an account with, but you can signup and try for free. Their softphone app just works out of the box for calling SIP URIs - provided they don't have purely numeric usernames: so you can call an AAISP VoIP number (+44....) or AAISP's office (e.g. but you can't call sip:<number>@host (it'll call the number direct instead).
==Known not-working==

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