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Sieve Filtering

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Creating Sieve Filters
*RoundCube - our webmail has a Filters option in the settings - We'd recommend this even if you don't usually use webmail.
*[ Extension for Thunderbird] (fine for manually editing the script file) '''Important note:''' Use the latest version if the one from the Thunderbird is out of date. [ latest] version (e.g. version 0.3 or higher) as the one on the Thunderbird Addons website is old and doesshould notbe workok.
*[ Extension for claws-mail] (may be packaged as claws-mail-managesieve). Very similar to the Thunderbird extension.
*There are others, take a look at []. You'd use the same server, username and password that you do to access your email, and use port 4190, and TLS.

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