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DoH and DoT

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! Setting Service || server ||Description
| Line type DoT || Auto || Usually set this to automatic as it allows ADSL or ADSL2+ (depending on modem and line type)in your web browser, where supported.
| Mode DoH || Routed || This means that IP traffic is routedUsually set in your operating, and is the normal mode unless setting up a PPPoE bridge to another devicewhere supported.
| PPP mode Standard DNS || PPPoA || When routing IP you want your router to connect using PPPoA mode217. PPPoE (see below) is more commonly used when bridging to a separate PPPoE device such as a FireBrick|-| VPI/VCI || 0/38 || This is often the default on most broadband routers|-| Mux || VC-Mux || This is often the default on most broadband routers|-| Login || As advised || We allocate a login for one or more lines. This is of the form of a name followed by @, a realm, a dot then a single digit number. (e.g. test@a.1). The final number is the line number (e.g. 1, 2, etc169.) for where customers have multiple lines sharing IP addresses20.20|-| Password || As advised || We allocate a password, but you can change this on the Broadband Control Pages217. If you change the password on our system your lines will go off line until you change the password on the router as well169. If your router cannot handle the length of password we provide, please contact support who will be happy to set a shorter password20.21 |-| WAN IP (local) || || Whilst we allocate a fixed IP address for your service, including the WAN address, it is best not to set this as it is allocated automatically using PPP. If you configure this incorrectly you will normally find you cannot log in at all.|-| WAN IP (remote) || || The IP address for our end of the PPP link should not be configured. This is allocated by PPP automatically. This will change depending on equipment at our end and may even change on every connection in the future.|-| LAN IP || As advised || If using NAT then this will be some default such as If you have a block of IPs from us, use the IP and netmask as advised. DO NOT make up a netmask for use with a real IP address that we have allocated - always use the one we have advised.|-| Routes || As necessary || If you have a separate router/firewall link block, you will need to configure a static route for your main IP block via your router/firewall. You may want your DSL router to act as a DHCP server for your LANOur standard 'port 53' servers.

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