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FireBrick 2700 Configuration

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=L2TP Tunnel=
<syntaxhighlight lang=xml>
Here are some pre-written firewall rules:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config serial="0000-0000-0000" version="FB2700 Flint (V1.53.000)">
*[[FireBrick Firewall - Steam Client]]
<system contact="John Doe" log-panic="fb-support"/>
<user name="admin" password="secret" timeout="1:00:00"/>
<log name="default" comment="General logging for web viewing"/>
<log name="fb-support" comment="Log target for sending logs to FireBrick support team">
<email to="" delay="10" comment="Crash logs emailed to FireBrick support team"/>
<dns resolvers="2001:8b0::2020 2001:8b0::2021"/>
<port name="LAN" ports="1 2 3"/>
<port name="WAN" ports="4"/>
<interface name="LAN" port="LAN" ra-client="false">
<subnet ip="2001:db8::1/64"/>
<dhcp name="DHCP" ip="" lease="1:00:00"/>
<interface name="WAN" port="WAN" ra-client="true" table="1">
<subnet name="DHCP"/>
<outgoing name="AAISP" hostname="AAISP" server="" graph="AAISP" table="1" payload-table="0" username="me@a.1" password="secret" min-retry="1" tcp-mss-fix="true"/>
<rule-set name="Fallback: NAT" target-interface="nowhere" no-match-action="continue">
<rule name="NAT" set-nat="true" set-table="1" action="accept"/>
<rule-set name="Firewall: LAN" target-interface="LAN" no-match-action="reject" comment="Default firewall rule for traffic to LAN">
<rule name="Allow Firebrick" source-interface="self" comment="Allow all from the FireBrick to LAN"/>

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