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B10B Bugs

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Add the loss of the default route on IPv6
The B10B and B10C use the same firmware files, and presumably share the same bugs.
= Loss of Static Routes =
== Issue ==
== Fixed in ==
?? Present in firmware versions up to and including AAVF.12
= Loss of default IPv6 route on WAN =
== Issue ==
Brief (~60 second) WAN outages can cause the router to lose its default IPv6 route (e.g. DLM resets, LNS switchovers). The router no longer listens for Router Advertisements on its PPP interface, and so never relearns its default IPv6 route.
== Workaround ==
If you have cracked the ''supervisor'' password, then the same password is used for the ''root'' account. Log in over telnet or ssh as root, and issue the command:
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/ppp1.3/accept_ra
It will take up to ~1 hour to receive a Router Advertisement and restore the default route.
If you haven't cracked the password, you could manually add a static route (as a quick and dirty solution). Valid gateway addresses are
fe80::203:97ff:fe05:c000 fe80::203:97ff:fe19:8000
== Fixed in ==
Believed fixed in AAVF.13
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