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How to view remaining Quota
The figure on the homepage is a real time counter of the usage, this may differ slightly from the stats on the [ Control Pages] as the control pages uses data that is only updated hourly.
The quota figure on the homepage can also be viewed as an svg image using the URL: you can request a json or plain text version too, eg:
curl -L --header "Accept: application/json"
wgetcurl -L --header= "Accept: applicationtext/jsonplain" -q -O- | jq -r '.quota_remaining_gb'
wget --header="Accept: application/json" -q -O -
wget --header="Accept: application/plain" -q -O -
and you can grab just the ''quota_remaining_gb'' field with:
wget --header="Accept: application/json" -q -O- | jq -r '.quota_remaining_gb'
==Usage Tracking==

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