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=Unable to set or change the LAN address when using public IPs=
* Date reported 2020-12-08
* Software Version 19.4 (19.4.0207-4381030)
* Status: With Technicolor
If you want to set the Local Network IP address via the web interface to a public IP then you will get the error 'Cannot use an address in this address range' and will be unable to change it.
Staff can re-configure the LAN subnet via our TR-069 programming - this can be used if you change your block of IPs or if you want to change from using private IPs ( to public ones
Another work around is to set up the router for dual LAN subnets - that is to have the private IPs as well as the Public Subnet. ThisSee: is[[DGA0122 achievedDual by:LAN Subnets]]
# Go to gateway tile,
# clicking configuration and then clicking 'setup your gateway'
# which you can specify a static IP address when changing the routed
# type to static.
Note: DHCP will use the private IPs, it's not possible to change it.

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