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FireBrick Road Warrior OSX

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OSX version 10.10,'Yosemite' and earlier
#May as well tick 'Show VPN status in menu bar' as you'll then be able to connect etc. from the menu in your top bar
=OSX version 10.10,'Yosemite' and earlier (Legacy information)=
For versions 10.10 and earlier you'll need to use the StronSwan program. You will still need to install the CA certificate as above.
=== (Legacy information) Downloading & installing the StrongSwan Native Client ===
'''Usually on OSX, you can simply use the built in VPN settings as above.'''
===Configure strongSwan===
Run strong swan by either:
#Go to Applications and click on the strongSwan icon
#Click on the <del>Dalek</del> StrongSwan icon once more,
#Click your connection name then connect.

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