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Staff can re-configure the LAN subnet via our TR-069 programming - this can be used if you change your block of IPs or if you want to change from using private IPs ( to public ones
Another work around is to set up the router for dual LAN subnets - that is to have the private IPs as well as the Public Subnet. This is achieved by:
# Go to gateway tile,
===Dual LAN Subnets===
Desired outcome: You want the router to have a main NAT's IP block and allocate IPs by DHCP to your LAN, but you want an additional public subnet which you can use on specific devices on your LAN that you configure manually.
Prerequesits: The router would be in a state where it is configured initially without the public block of IPs - ie, it's has the private IPs on the LAN. Then, the IP block can be allocated to your line and some manual configuration can be applied to the router as follows:
# Go to gateway tile, / System Info (top left)
# clicking configuration and then clicking 'setup your gateway'
# Click Advanced, then Routed Subnet
# which you can specify a static IP address when changing the routed
# type to static.
Note: *DHCP will use the private IPs, it's not possible to change it.
*Sending a config from the A&A control pages will overwite these changes.

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