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{{AAMenu|img=vmg1312-t20b.png|link=ZyXEL-_VMG1312-T20B|title=ZyXEL VMG1312-T20B|text=(T20 for short!) The basic router offered by A&A. Basic 10/100 ethernet and 2.4GHz WiFi. ADSL, VDSL, Bridge. No Ethernet WAN.}}
{{AAMenu|img=DGA0122-rear.png|link=:Category:Technicolor_DGA0122|title=Technicolor DGA0122|text=(DGA0122 for short!) Higher specification standard router.}}
{{AAMenu|img=DGA4134.png|link=:Category:Technicolor_OWA0131|title=Technicolor OWA0131|text=EasyMesh WiFI extender for use with Technicolor routers}}
{{AAMenu|img=2700-small.png|link=:Category:FireBrick|title=FireBrick|text=FireBrick from AAISP, a business or SOHO grade router}}
{{AAMenu|img=XMG3927-B50A-200.png|link=:Category:ZyXEL XMG3927 B50A|title=ZyXEL XMG3927-B50A|text=(B50C for short!). Higher spec router with support for G.Fast}}

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