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== Further tests ==
With A&A having a lively IRC channel, we asked customers to try our ping test to see whohow far spread the problem was, we found out that:
* All AAISP TalkTalk VDSL lines tested showed latency
* All AAISP TalkTalk ADSL lines tested showed latency
* No AAISP Ethernet lines showed latency
WeFurther, we were also able to test on non-AAISP TalkTalk lines:
'''Another TalkTalk partner, like us:'''
round-trip min/avg/max/std-dev = 17.830/33807.255/48113.126/15886.310 ms
So, seems this is a problem within TalkTalks's UK network, probably affecting all TalkTalk ADSL and VDSL lines in the UK.
=Deep Packet Inspection Concerns=

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