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2012-12-08 Updated as FireBrick has software update to change/remove DSCP field
2012-12-09 Updated with reply from TalkTalk
2021-12-13 Updated with reply from Aruba
Further updates expected middle of next week
===December 9th===
TalkTalk are still investigating and are hoping to get back to us next week. They are assuring us on the point about packet inspection, that their policy remains the same in that they are not inspecting traffic in any way and that nor do they have the means to do so.
==Ticket open with Aruba==
Apparently These Aruba Access Points do have the ability to open a CLI on the device and disable DSCP.
However, it's not so simple and Aruba advise against it because the CLI requires an interactively-generated token
from their support staff, and changing the setting back would require another support call.
Current Solution: Customer is currently using the FireBrick feature to set the DSCP field to 0.
'''To be continued....'''

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