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=== Registration with AAISP: ===
Select menu "Settings -&gt; Telephony -&gt; Connections" and click the "Edit" button for IP1. Then click the "Show Advanced Settings" button and fill in the following fields:
'''Authentication Name: &lt;aaisp phone number&gt; ''' (this can be in either UK or international format, for example +44203095nnnn or 0203095nnnn )
''Authentication password: &lt;password&gt; '' (This is the same password that is set on the AAISP control pages for this number. Some non-alphanumeric characters can cause registration failure. In particular avoid "#" and "/")
'''Username:''' &lt;aaisp phone number&gt;
'''Domain:''' proxy.aasip.co.uk (Don't accidentally type aaisp!)
'''Proxy server address:''' proxy.aasip.co.uk
'''Registrar server:''' registrar.aasip.co.uk
All the other fields can be left as they are unless you are using NAT in which case the "Stun enabled" button should be selected and the "Stun server" set to stun.aaisp.net
When everything is entered click on the "Set" button. The display will return to the "Settings -&gt; Telephony -&gt; Connections" menu. Check that "IP1" is active and that the status is "Registered". You may wish to disable "Gigaset.net" in this menu. It should now be possible to make and receive calls.
=== Audio settings: ===

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