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IPv6 Configuration

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*[ Configuring OpenWRT for IPv6]
== ConsumerIPv6 CPEready Equipmenthardware ==
The following equipment has been successfully used as an IPv6 Router for home use. These are known as CPE or Customer Premises Equipment.
*Linksys NSLU2 running OpenWRT 10.03 (Backfire) with a Netgear DM111P ADSL2+ DSL Modem
*Netgear DG834v2 running OpenWRT 8.09 (Kamikaze)
*Our [[FireBrick 2700]] page has info on Native IPv6 config (also applies to 2500)
The search for additional IPv6 CPE possibilities: [[IPv6CPESearch]]
== IPv6 over IP Tunnelled Connections ==

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