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1. You are an ISP
2. AAISP has been around for a while
2. You clearly have a cadre of very experienced staff
I find it hard to understand why this wiki is so thin. My perception of AAISP is of a bunch of extremely competent individuals.
You can't expect a wiki to take off unless you keep plugging it and also keep putting information in it. You can't expect your customers to kick start it - that's your job.
Throwing together a quick MediaWiki is a piece of piss - I've got one on my laptop. Show some direction, please.
For such an innovative ISP you have such a dreadful presentation. It's not rocket science - get a designer in.
I have influence/control over around 250 ADSL lines and I'd love to port them to a company that I feel comfortable with but I have problems from most customers with your presentation.
Jon (gerdesj@blueloop.net)


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