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=Default Admin Username/Password=
!colspan="2"|Default/Factory Password
!colspan="2"|AAISP configured Password
!Username (WAN):
|aaisp (from WAN)
Administrator (From LAN)
!Username (LAN):
|Administrator (From LAN)
|Printed on card with router.
==Quick Start==
[[File:Technicolor_Plugging_in.png|none|frame|Technicolor Quick Start: Plugging in]]
= Documents =
These files are from December 2011, supplied by Technicolor.
*[[Image:Technicolor CPE Firewall.pdf]] Firewall Config Application note - givinggives details on how the firewall can be configured via CLI .
*[[Image:TG582n CLI Guide v1.0 public.pdf]] for 8.4.4 firmware .
*[[Image:IPv6 AppNote v4.0 public.pdf]] contains IPv6 related commands found in newer firmware .
*[ Datasheet and brochure] on the Technicolor website.
[[Category:RouterAA Routers|TG582N]]

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