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== PPP ==
*There's a bug in 2.6.36,, that can cause a kernel panic when the link goes down ([;a=commit;h=55c95e738da85373965cb03b4f975d0fd559865b 55c95e73], fixed in [;a=commit;h=2a27a03d3a891e87ca33d27a858b4db734a4cbab 2a27a03d]).
=== PPPoE ===
*Linux is capable of supporting [ RFC 4638] for an MTU of 1500 (or greater) over PPPoE
**This is supported on BT FTTC
**Kernel 2.6.34 is required to fix bugs with certain network cards and non-linear SKBs ([;a=commit;h=ea8420e9f5dff7324607671f0b7ab7fbf726339d ea8420e9], [;a=commit;h=19937d0482cfe194fe52e97e59aa58ec911de0d1 19937d04]).
**pppd 2.4.6 is required for RFC 4638 support (this is in git but not yet released)

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