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Receiving Email

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Receiving email means that email is sent by someone else and gets to our mail servers where we hold it for you ready to collect and read. It is also possible to have the email sent direct to your email servers and use us a backup in case your servers or internet connection is down. This is set up using DNS for your domain.
Assuming we are holding your email for you we will hold the email in a mailbox. This is just an email address. The email address is anything you like followed by an @ followed by your domain (or a sub domain if you like). You can set up the [[mailboxes]] on our control pages for your domain. You can have as many [[mailboxes]] as you like.
==Processing Incoming Email==
When we receive the email we will check if you have [[aliases]] set up. These are rules which mean mail to one email address is sent to another, or to several other email addresses. The can be useful for different email addresses to the same mailbox, e.g. and may want to go to the same person and so the same mailbox. This is also useful for a group email address that needs to go to many people and so many [[mailboxes]]. Generally you need a mailbox for each person that receives email. You can set up [[aliases]] on our control pages for your domain.
==Junk Mail Checking==

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