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The Home::1 has a quota amount per month, either 100GB, 200GB, 300GB, 400GB or 500GB. When the quota is reached various things could happen such as the line being blocked, the service set to go slow or for the system to automatically apply a 50GB top up (and charge for it) More details below...
==How to Change the monthly quota==
==Quota TopupTop up Options==
[[File:Homeq-quota-options.png|none|frame|Home ::1 Quota settings on Control Pages]]
|You will be redirected to our portal
|From our portal you can purchase TopupTop up
|The line will be limited in speed. (256Kb/s). Usage during this time will come out of next month's quota.
|You can topuptop up from the Control Pages (see below)
|When the quota is reached, the system will issue a 50GB topuptop up and will invoice for it
|n/a (It's automatic)
==TopupTop up before it runs out==
[[File:Topup50GB.png|none|frame|TopupTop up button]]
If the topuptop up Action is set to Slow or Block, then when you have less than 50GB remaining a TopupTop up button will be shown on the Control Page. Clicking this will add 50GB and will invoice for it. Any unused usage from a topuptop up is carried over to the next month.
==Quota on Bonded Home::1 Lines==

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