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FireBrick 3G Dongle

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3G based on profiles - turning the dongle off overnight
= 3G based on profiles - turning the dongle off overnightoutside of office hours=
Sometimes we don't want the dongle to be online 24x7 asand want it's not clear whether the dongle has got into a strange state or not. It's also not clear whether some of these devices are designed to be leftturned connectedoff alloutside of theoffice timehours.
This example brings the dongle online for quick fallback during office hours, and leaves it powered up but disconnected. Fallback still works outoutside of office hours but takes a few seconds longer to set up.
Note that both <usb> and <dongle> elements can be based on profiles. Leaving <usb> active but disabling <dongle> will leave the dongle powered up but disconnected. Disabling <usb> will physically turn off the USB port and therefore also the dongle. Cold starts take a lot longer!
<dongle name="Backup3G" username="exampleme@a.3" password="passwordsecret" nat="false" graph="3G" profile="3G"/>
<profile name="Working_hoursOffice_Hours" comment="Office working timeshours">
<time days="Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri" start="08:00:00" stop="18:00:00"/>
<profile name="No_PPP" ppp="ADSL1 ADSL2" invert="true"/>
<profile name="3G" or="Working_hours No_PPP" comment="Backup active during the working day, or if there's no PPP at night"/>
<profile name="No_PPPNo_DSL" ppp="ADSL1 ADSL2" invert="true"/>
<profile name="3G" or="Working_hoursOffice_Hours No_PPPNo_DSL" comment="Backup active during theoffice working dayhours, or if there's is no PPPDSL outside of atoffice nighthours"/>
This example is taken from a site which has 2 ADSL lines - hence the No_PPPNo_DSL profile being based on ADSL1 and ADSL2 being up.
The 3G profile is then active during the Workingoffice hours, but it will become active if both of the ADSL lines are down outoutside of office hours.
= Ping test example of falling back =

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