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VoIP Phones - Factory Reset

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*Firmware versions lower equal or greater 7.X: Enter "Maintenance" and select "Admin Mode".
*On the prompt enter your administrator password, if you have set one, or the default password, which is "0000" (four zeros), and confirm.
Reset lost administrator password by performing a reset to factory defaults via Web User Interface:
*Obtain your phone's IP address and currently used firmware version by pressing the Help button on your Snom 3xx.
*Open any web browser and choose the URL corresponding to your current firmware version:
**Firmware versions lower than 3.X:
**Firmware versions between 3.X and 6.X:
**Firmware versions from 7.X onwards:
*Copy the appropriate URL into the address line of your web browser and then change "" to your phone's actual IP address.
*The phone reboots automatically and everything will be accessible again.

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