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This sets the voice MWI only, saying that there is one voicemail waiting, and asking the phone to treat the text "You have voicemail" as a normal SMS message.
<syntaxhighlight lang="bash">
curl --silent --get --form-string \
iccid=8944200000000000000 \
--form-string passwordiccid=secret8944200000000000000 \
--form-string udhpassword="140102000001020100010202000102030001020700"secret \
--form-string messageudh="Clear MWI140102000001020100010202000102030001020700" \
--form-string originatormessage=12345"Clear MWI" \
--form-string originator=12345 \
Clears all MWIs, and gives the phone the test "Clear MWI" to discard.

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