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Software History

Software on the ZyXEL web site may well be older than the version that we are using. Since we started using these routers we have submitted various bug reports and have had software updates from ZyXEL. Here are the details regarding software releases: (Latest first)

ZyXEL VMG1312 Software releases
Date Version Live Download Open Source Information
2018-01 V1.00(AAJZ.14)C0 (Release 14) zip Notes unknown Fix for dnsmasq vulnerabilities
2017-02 V1.00(AAJZ.11)C0 (Release 11) zip Notes unknown
2016-08 V1.00(AAJZ.10)C0 (Release 10) zip Notes unknown First release to have later DSL driver A2pv6F039v.d26a Earlier releases have A2pv6F039o1.d26a
2016-03 V1.00(AAJZ9)D0 (Release 9) .zip unknown This release does not appear to resolve any of our outstanding bugs.
2015-10 V1.00(AAJZ7)D0 (Release 7) .zip Notes Due March 2016 This release does not appear to resolve many of our outstanding bugs. We are testing this with a few customers as bug relating to User Interface slowness, IPv6 RA may be fixed.
2015-07 V1.00(AAJZ6)C1 (Release 6) .zip Notes tar.gz ReadMe.txt This release does not fix any of the bugs that we have reported over the past few months, for this reason we are not making this release available via our Control Pages, and we await Release 7 for which we have been told by ZyXEL: "The scope for AAJZ7 is already in discussion and we are pushing to get as many of A&A’s open tickets in to it. As of December 2016, this version has passed the Openreach conformance testing."
2015-04 V1.00(AAJZ.5)C0 (Release 5) X .zip Fixes (among other things) the port 1 negotiation problems that we reported. As of 2015-05 routers are provided with this version applied. Release notes are in the .zip file
2015-03 1.00(AAJZ.3)C0 (Release 3) N/A The original factory-release firmware
  • Usually applying the firmware yourself to an AAISP supplied router is not required or recommended. Updates can be applied via the Control Pages. The files are listed above for your information as they also include the release notes.
  • The 'Live' flag shows which version is currently being shipped by AAISP and will be sent to a router that has been factory reset.
  • 2015-07-17: We have been told "The scope for AAJZ7 [release 7] is already in discussion and we are pushing to get as many of A&A’s open tickets in to it"
  • The configuration file that we generate for your line will be based upon the 'live' software version. This means that if a router is running older software it will need to be upgraded before a new configuration can be sent.
  • See the VMG1312: Bugs page for problems we have found with the software and configuration.
  • Where possible we will request and the GPL'd software used and will add it to the table above, you may request it via ZyXEL GPL Page
  • ZyXEL host firmware for this router here: ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/VMG1312-B10A/firmware/
  • One user reports having been plagued by brief VDSL outages every 2 days or so when using firmware with the A2pv6F039o1.d26a DSL driver, upgrading to later firmware with the A2pv6F039v.d26a DSL driver fixed those outages.

Manual Upgrading

Unzip the downloaded file. Log in to the router's web interface, go to:

Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade 

and follow the steps there, you'll be uploading the .rom file.

Control Page options for upgrading software

The control page will show if the current software version on the router and if it is up to date or not:

Router is on the latest version
Upgrade is available

If there is a new software version available then it can be upgraded:

Router action buttons. Upgrade button is only shown if a new version is available

Upgrading when in Bridge mode

When in bridge mode the ZyXEL router will not have access to the internet itself, and so won't have a way to upgrade in this state. To upgrade you need to reset the router by holding in the reset button. This then reverts the config back to our default, it will then log in, upgrade, then log in again and will get a new config sent to it. At that point it will be back to Bridge mode running latest software.

Openreach MCT Conformance Testing

ZyXEL have confirmed that the VMG1312-B10A was re-tested by BT just before Christmas 2015 and passed.

Modem Firmware version: - V1.00(AAJZ.6)C1_20150911 
Modem HW Version/ Modem Model Number:- VMG1312-B10A
Modem Conformance Test Outcome:- Pass with condition around OAM3(BTW can connect this device to BT Openreach Network while OAM3 will not work)