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VoIP Caller ID

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Setting a different Presentation Number

On the Control Pages there is some control over the number that is presented when you make a call out. Normally it is the number you are using, but this can be changed.

Customers are able to pick another number that is on the same account as the presentation number.

We can also set up a secondary presentation number as well which is allowed from your equipment.

Presentation number selection, from a list of other numbers on the account

Alternatively, staff can set something other than your phone number here. There is a one-off charge for this and we'll need paperwork to prove the number is yours.

Contact Sales for more details.

Setting the Presentation Name

You can set the presentation name (which in general will only be sent to other AAISP VoIP customers) on the 'Outgoing' tab of the control panel.

Calling from Withheld

If you want to hide your presentation number (i.e. set it to withheld) on a permanent basis, tick the Withhold box. To hide it for just one call, prefix the called number with 141.