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A working Openreach ONT
An older working Openreach ONT
CA working CityFibre ONT

Here is some steps to take if you have problems with your BT or CityFibre FTTP service.


Completely Offline

If your FTTP line is down permanently then look here for help



Is it taking a long time to load web pages, or download files? Do you have packetloss? Do you think your line should be faster than what it should be?


Openreach ONT

Information about the Openreach FTTP Optical Network Termination unit


CityFibre ONT

Information about the CityFibre FTTP Optical Network Termination unit

WIFI icon.svg

WiFi Challenges and Limitations

Some of the common problems that WiFi users experience, together with measures that can be taken to mitigate them where this is possible.


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