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The FireBrick manual goes into some detail on configuring IPsec. These pages below contain specific examples for a simple scenario where you have one or more clients devices - iPhones iPads, Android phones/tablets or Windows machines, and a FireBrick in your home or office, and you would like to VPN (using IPsec) to the FireBrick and have an IP address on your LAN.

First Create certificates:



First: Create the required 'CA' and 'Server' Certificates, and upload them to your FireBrick. Using Let's Encrypt is easy

Second: Create the FireBrick config:


FireBrick config

Second: Upload the Configure the FireBrick with IKE, EAP Users, and roaming pools of addresses! (easier than it sounds!)

Third: Configure your device:


Apple Desktops & Laptops

Using Strongswan on Apple OS X computers, eg Macbook & Air laptops, iMac, Mini etc to connect to your FireBrick



Using Strongswan on Android phones and tablets to connect to your FireBrick


Windows 10

Using the built in VPN features of Windows 10 to connect to your FireBrick


strongSwan (Debian et al)

Using strongSwan on Debain (or other distros) to connect to your FireBrick


strongSwan via Network Manager (Fedora)

Using strongSwan via the Network Manager GUI in CentOS/Fedora etc