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CityFibre ONT
CityFibre ONT installed
CityFibre ONT ports
CityFibre ONT

This page has information about the CityFibre provided ONT - the box that connects the CityFibre fibre connection to your own router. ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal, sometimes (mistakenly) called a modem.



The ONT is a 'Calix 801G GigaPoint v2' device and measures 10.16x2.07x3.25cm (WxHxD).

There are four LEDs on the CityFibre ONT:

  • LED 1 (Left) – Power, can be Green/Red/Amber
  • LED 2 – Broadband
  • LED 3 – Service
  • LED 4 (Right) - Ethernet

Normal state of the LEDs

When working properly this is the state each light should be in, indicating a good connection/service:

  • Power: Solid Green - Device has booted up ok
  • Broadband: Solid Green - physical connection is established to the fibre
  • Service: Solid Green - Internet service has been established
  • Ethernet: Green - connected to your router


There is no end user access to the ONT's configuration or status pages. There are two things a customer can perform though:

  • Reboot
  • Reset

Reboot the CityFibre ONT

You can pull the power cable, wait a few seconds and plug it back in again. This is safe to do and will mean the ONT reboots and reconnects to the fibre network. Alternatively, pressing the reset switch for less than 5 seconds will cause a reboot.

Reset the CityFibre ONT

Use a paperclip, or similar, and hold in the reset switch for 10-15 seconds. This will cause a reboot and factory reset of the ONT.

CityFibre VLAN ID

Important: The customer's router will need to talk PPPoE on VLAN 911.

Other information


  • Input voltage: 12 VDC (nominal), 10 VDC (min.), 15 VDC (max)
  • Power Adapter: 12 VDC, 1.5 A Typical
  • Power: 5 W, Peak Power: 7 W
  • PSU/connector: 12V DC 0.5A, tip positive.