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The AAISP Support Site is a wiki and is maintained by staff. We do allow customers to create and edit pages which are then subject to review by staff. We do appreciate customers who help expand the information here, and we'll do our best to approve pages as quickly as possible.

Site Accuracy

So as to help ensure the information on the site is accurate and the quality remains high:

  • Accounts do need to be created and approved by staff before pages can be created or edited.
  • New pages and edits of existing pages will be reviewed by staff before they are made 'live'
  • The approved (stable) page is displayed by default to viewers
  • There will be a status bar at the top of pages showing the status
  • Category pages are locked to only be editable by staff directly. A status bar is not shown on these pages

Page Approval Status

A page can be in one of these states:

Stable Version

Checked, this is the Stable version that is officially approved by staff

Stable Version, but has Pending Changes

You'll be viewing the approved version but there is a newer version that is awaiting approval. You can view the version that is waiting to be approved by clicking on the 'Pending changes' link at the top.

Pending review

This means that the page being viewed has not yet been approved by a member of staff. You can view the version that is stable by clicking the 'Read' link at the top.

Customer Contributions

We do appreciate customers who create accounts and add or edit content on this site. What the above means to customers who to edit this wiki is that your contributions will be checked by staff before they are promoted to being the 'stable' version of the page. This should be done in a timely manner, do contact Andrew with any questions you may have, whether via irc or Thank you :-)