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Currently the VoIP services are IPv4 only.
Currently the VoIP services are IPv4 only.
[[IPv6 Only]]
= IPv6 for Customer Connections =
= IPv6 for Customer Connections =

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IPv6 Enabled Servers

Most of the AAISP servers are IPv6 enabled, for example:

  • POP3/IMAP Email servers
  • Webmail servers
  • Incoming SMTP Servers
  • Outgoing SMTP Servers
  • Backup email relay
  • Customer facing DNS Servers
  • Internet Facing DNS Servers
  • Web server
  • Control Pages
  • Accounts system (Billing)
  • NTP Time Server

These servers have been IPv6 enabled for many years, as have the desktop computers in the AAISP Offices.

Currently the VoIP services are IPv4 only.

IPv6 Only

IPv6 for Customer Connections

Again, we have been providing IPv6 for customer connections (eg ADSL) for many years. either Tunnelled or Native.

Pages with IPv6 information on our main website:

See the IPv6 Configuration page for more details on hardware and configuration.