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L2TP Client: OSX

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Apple Mac OS X

An Apple computer can be used to create an L2TP connection in to AAISP, here's how:

  • Apple Menu - Settings - Network
  • Click the + Icon
  • Create a new VPN Interface with Type L2TP over IPSec


  • In the Authentication settings set the Password
  • For ease of use Tick 'Show VPN status in menu bar
  • Optionally, and probably something you want to enable: in the Advanced Settings Tick, 'Send all Traffic over VPN connection'
  • Then Connect


  • To Disconnect, click Disconnect

You can use the new icon in the Status bar (Up by the clock, to connect and disconnect the connection


VPN Connection - IPsec Error AKA Disable ipsec

Use this at your own risk. The notes below involves editing/creating system files, and whilst 'worked for us' may not work for you.

By default, OSX requires the L2TP connection to use IPSec encryption. At the moment the AAISP service is just plain L2TP and does not offer encryption.


To enable OSX to connect without IPSec, then the /etc/ppp/options file needs to be edited. A simple way of doing this is as follows:

  1. Use the Search icon to search for Terminal


and then enter in:

echo "plugin L2TP.ppp" > options
echo "l2tpnoipsec" >> options
sudo mv options /etc/ppp

If the mv (move) fails, then you may already have a /etc/ppp/options file, in this case it would need to be edited manually.


To double check that the file is correct, type:

cat /etc/ppp/options

and it should show:

plugin L2TP.ppp

To undo this change delete the /etc/ppp/options file.


IPv6 does not seem to work on an L2TP interface when configured using the GUI, even with 'Configure IPv6' set to 'Manually'.

It can be made to work by entering commands on the command line, after the tunnel is connected:

 /sbin/ifconfig ppp0 inet6 add 2001:8b0:XXXX::1/64
 route add -inet6 default -interface ppp0

It should be possible to automate this by creating an /etc/ppp/auth-up script.