L2TP Latency Speed Tweaks

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Some customers are using L2TP as a way to bypass their internet connection's NAT or bad traffic shaping with the aim to increase the overall performance of their connection.


  • A 4G connection where bufferbloat causes congestion and latency
  • A single large download on your line causes all other internet activity to be useless

Our L2TP can't make your connection faster than it as, and it can't reduce the latency lower than it's idle latency. However, because we do apply prioritisation of small packets (<1000 bytes) many people do see an improvement in the performance of their internet connection when using our L2TP service.

Staff have access to some controls which can help, so do get in touch. We can set a speed cap on the L2TP and apply headroom for small packets. In essence these settings will ensure that traffic over the L2TP is kept from filling your internet connection and to prioritise 'real-time' data if the traffic on the L2TP does reach this cap.

In short, in some circumstances these settings can help reduce overall latency, reduce latency spikes and improve the performance. We can't work miracles but our L2TP service does have a 1 month minimum term, so may be worth a try.